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Practical Korea

First : Going around in Seoul! Public transportation in Seoul is one of the best in the world. Varied, cheap, effective, clean and pretty safe. When I first visited Seoul in 2007 I mostly used the metro unless I was … Continue reading

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Seoul searching…

Although I’ve been here travelling twice before there is something about leaving a year for anywhere that makes you see things differently. I knew when I got on the plane that I was leaving my family, my routine comfortable and … Continue reading

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Some Early Pictures

> One of the 3 planes A view of Tokyo while taking-off My room after I received my stuff and making it more like “home” yes there is a toilet which the whole thing is also the shower… you want … Continue reading

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2 Suitcases and a Year…

I’m going away as a exchange student to one of Korea’s best university. After being literally struggling with paperwork for most of the year it’s time now to say goodbye to all my trusted friends and board the airplane with … Continue reading

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