Can’t talk about Korea without talking about the delicious mostly spicy food ^^  so here a few pictures…

my first grocery trip
Noodle’s aisle
Dr You cookies lol


one of my first real meal in Korea Chicken and Beer with Yujin
That place was so hard to find but so worth it, even with a local as guide we needed a map and asking around. one of the best  Kimchi Jigae I tasted 🙂
one of my favorite dish : JJim Dalk (spicy chicken)


watermelon and cappuccino donuts
a local sweet : hotteok ,yeast bread with some brown sugar melted inside, serve hot and fresh 🙂
Japanese food: Tonkatsu


Some street food, chicken…sooooo spicy !!!!!!!
Fresh melon juice!


A must: korean BBQ with Stephane visiting for a few days



There is a hut above each table in the restaurant


Japanese Bento




I had a nice time with my ex-roommate Yoobin  🙂

mmmm Ramen!!!!

Yet another BBQ with Japanese friends visiting, meet Miho and Shino
Coffe with friends…so cute guys hahaha


This is BBQ Chicken… we cook it at the table and its spicy and delicious
In school: gimbap and pineapple lassi for lunch so cheap and delicious
Are you hungry now?  I am haha


About Kosmik

Isabelle aka kosmik is a McGill University East Asian Studies undergraduate who decided learning about Asia should be from the source. She is now studying as an exchange student at Korea University. Follow her as she discovers the subtleties of the Kimchi Rebuplic.
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4 Responses to Food~

  1. Thierry says:

    >Awesome. Plus de photos d'épicerie! Et il faut que tu ailles voir un match de warcraft 'live' ,) Cheerio!

  2. -=KoSMiK=- says:

    >Thierry: oui je vais y aller, j'en ai vu a la TV c cool. mon ami steph est venu en voir plein et a pris plein de photo et vids. je vais te montrer ca I have a lot of footage just not enough time to organize and post :3

  3. Lise says:

    >Le poulet épicé, semble à l'honneur… : )

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