Ko-Yon Games

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago I had a special encounter with Korean culture. I was told that on September 10 and 11th there was going to e the KoYon Games.  What is it exactly?  It’s a sport competition in which my University Korea Univ and Yonsei Univ compete with in other in Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Rugby and Soccer. All the student were expected to go and cheer for KU and exchange students as well.  So they told us that we will have a meeting before to help us.  I thought it was going to be a short meeting were we would learn a few team songs but it was a lot more elaborated then that it was more like Cheering Boot Camp 2010 LOL.


Actually like all foreigners I think I was really chocked by all this when it started.  We were looking at each other like:  WTH…should we run out of here? and we just went : ehhh whatever… and shouted and danced like crazy even if we didn’t understand any lyrics or what was actually going on… we couldn’t tell if we were getting sworn into a cult, a sect or worse but we might as well have some fun so  …we chanted, danced, shouted and jumped….
They even gave us a book about ours players of the different teams with also a booklet containing the lyrics of the songs…in total 63!!!!


We ended up learning not only songs, chants, dances and we practice for like 4 and a half hours non-stop… it was worse than a aerobic class.  They had power-rangers look-alike to boost us (like cheerleaders) and confetti, flames thrower, smoke and all. and that was just practice.

the entrance of the “power rangers”  they really believe their shit lol
Sorry for my loud voice lol
That night I went home still wondering what exactly did happen!?

THEN… it was the real thing for 2 days!! I was sooo dead at night after the whole day cheering, almost not even having time to sit and eat. but after we went drinking until early morning and then back to the stadiums for so more cheering. We even chanted for an hour and a half BEFORE the game even started lol    also please note that the videos I post here are the one when it wasn’t too “crazy” because at times I couldn’t even record anything, everybody just grabbing me from all directions and jumping all around haha

KU invades the subway
At the baseball game




More Yelling, this is Hélène from France


I was very surprised after the middle of the games, both clans started to mix in the bench, everybody reaction: NOTHING?  everybody having fun side by side. Yonsei university came on our side, they cheered our team , sang our songs, everybody holding to each other, red, blue  we’re all students after all, brothers and sisters in the end… I was impressed.  its not in Canada that you would have seen that, especially not between Quebec-Montreal where the rivalry still exist.


We got a bus on the second day: look at the drapes, lights and everything… I wanted to go out after 20 mins lol. plus the toilet paper as tissu (that`s a korean classic) and it had a screen and a mic for karaoke i guess. Here Hakima is rehearsing 😀
At the rugby
Banner says: A nation’s dream, the world’s hope: Korea University


at the blue/ red division


Some of the “power rangers”




Power dance!! lol
Some videos…


As you can witness nobody is really watching the games lol

Anyway  I really felt I was witnessing something particular that I won’t see again probably.  During those 2  physically draining days, I had so much fun. I lost my voice but I made friends.

Next time I will talk about the after party of the KoYon Games.  It was as memorable…

For more information on KU-YU rivalry:



About Kosmik

Isabelle aka kosmik is a McGill University East Asian Studies undergraduate who decided learning about Asia should be from the source. She is now studying as an exchange student at Korea University. Follow her as she discovers the subtleties of the Kimchi Rebuplic.
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