Truc Art Exhibition

Hi Guys! 😛

I have been EXTREMELY busy as always. Nevertheless I’m taking a moment to share about this exhibition I went to. It’s not really “traditional” art however it was the most fun I had at an exhibition. The Truc art exhibition refers to super realism in which artists express two-dimensional objects in three-dimensional ways.

Exhibitions are comprised of art that falls mostly into five categories that focus on the reinterpretation of famous works of art, and coexistence with animals and nature. People can also enjoy taking part in art, famous movie scenes, and optical illusions through the displays. That’s why it was so much fun, to actually be an integral part of art itself. ^^

Oh and I finally found a nice way to organize my pictures online. Thanks to I`m still testing it but so far so good. So please go to this link to see my album from that exhibition and enjoy!

Truc Art Exhibition Gallery Link


About Kosmik

Isabelle aka kosmik is a McGill University East Asian Studies undergraduate who decided learning about Asia should be from the source. She is now studying as an exchange student at Korea University. Follow her as she discovers the subtleties of the Kimchi Rebuplic.
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  1. Marty says:

    >lol, crazy Funny!

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