Flashmob in Seoul

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long silence, I’m been getting busier as the semester progresses and my departure from Korea is drawing nearer.  I have a lot to share with you but just missing the time to do it.

Today I want to share a really nice experience I had the last weekend.  I participated in a flashmob in Insadong one of the neighborhood busy with tourists.  If you don’t know what a flashmob is, it’s a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.

This event was planned for month and organized by Improv Korea.  Unlike the freeze in Grand Central Terminal in New York where the participants met beforehand we had to synchronize our watch to a website and just be present at the designated area.  We would freeze in place for 5 minutes from 16:37 to 16:42 before the surprised eyes of the crowd on a busy Saturday afternoon. For a better and dramatic effect they directed us to wear some red and arrive at the last minutes from the surrounding streets.

Me and two of my friends planned to take a pose.. literally.  Me and my friend Yeoreum should strike a pose while Hakima would take a picture of us.  It was kind hard to try to not move or even blink during the whole 5 mins.  Half way, I wished I had like Yeoreum brought my sunglasses so I could let my eyes wandered and check the reactions. Some people tried to poke me, wave their hands in front of my face or tried to look into Hakima’s lens. The street was so crowded that we would be pushed sometimes by the people zigzagging  between the human statues.

Here some early videos released on YouTube but the official made by Improv Korea is yet to be seen.  I think it will be awesome since they took the whole thing with a bird-eye view from the roof of a close-by building.  When it’s release I’ll let you know.

In the next video  I am at 0:37 ,0:50 and even clearer at 1:31. look for me 🙂

Overall it was a really good and fun experience.  I’m really looking forward to participate in an another one.

Looking forward in reading your comments ^^


About Kosmik

Isabelle aka kosmik is a McGill University East Asian Studies undergraduate who decided learning about Asia should be from the source. She is now studying as an exchange student at Korea University. Follow her as she discovers the subtleties of the Kimchi Rebuplic.
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