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Flashmob in Seoul…update

2 weeks ago I participated in a flashmob in Insadong, Seoul.  Here a new video by the organizers.  You can see me through out the video but very clearly at 0:27 seconds. For more details see my previous post here. … Continue reading

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Flashmob in Seoul

Hi Guys, Sorry for the long silence, I’m been getting busier as the semester progresses and my departure from Korea is drawing nearer.  I have a lot to share with you but just missing the time to do it. Today … Continue reading

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Temple Stay Experience

Hey Guys~! A few weekends back I got to experience something I really wanted to try in Korea: Being a monk! 🙂 As many of you already, Korea has a lots of mountains, 75% of its territory is mountainous. So they … Continue reading

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외국인 or What is a Waeguk-in?

Imagine you are a minority like let’s say like me blue-eyed blond in a mass of Asians lol …in a monolingual homogeneous country.  You walk on the street a bunch a young guys say out loud: AH A FOREIGNER!  In a very surprised manner … Continue reading

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Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) in Busan

  Hi Guys, Sorry to say that I haven’t heard any news of Porky yet.  Don’t give up I’m sure he will send something soon. A lot happened since Porky’s abduction: I finally finished this never-ending semester, all the exams, presentations, papers, … Continue reading

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Seoul Life

Hi Guys!, Here is just a small montage of some pictures I took of Seoul in the last few months. Enjoy! if you have questions, comments, feel free to post something here 🙂

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Can’t talk about Korea without talking about the delicious mostly spicy food ^^  so here a few pictures… my first grocery trip Noodle’s aisle Dr You cookies lol   one of my first real meal in Korea Chicken and Beer … Continue reading

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