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Temple Stay Experience

Hey Guys~! A few weekends back I got to experience something I really wanted to try in Korea: Being a monk! 🙂 As many of you already, Korea has a lots of mountains, 75% of its territory is mountainous. So they … Continue reading

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외국인 or What is a Waeguk-in?

Imagine you are a minority like let’s say like me blue-eyed blond in a mass of Asians lol …in a monolingual homogeneous country.  You walk on the street a bunch a young guys say out loud: AH A FOREIGNER!  In a very surprised manner … Continue reading

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Protests in North Korea

  Last week we got report of the first public protest in North Korea against their communist dictatorship. North Koreans are not stupid and do not think they haven’t protested before, however this is a first since they kept their … Continue reading

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Seoul Life

Hi Guys!, Here is just a small montage of some pictures I took of Seoul in the last few months. Enjoy! if you have questions, comments, feel free to post something here 🙂

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Ko-Yon Games (part 2)

The after Ko-Yon Games was even crazier… Near our University, Student gathered after the games to celebrate.  The atmosphere is getting crazy, everybody can feel it: Even with the pouring rain it will be a good good night (just like … Continue reading

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Ko-Yon Games

Hi guys, A few weeks ago I had a special encounter with Korean culture. I was told that on September 10 and 11th there was going to e the KoYon Games.  What is it exactly?  It’s a sport competition in … Continue reading

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Can’t talk about Korea without talking about the delicious mostly spicy food ^^  so here a few pictures… my first grocery trip Noodle’s aisle Dr You cookies lol   one of my first real meal in Korea Chicken and Beer … Continue reading

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